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the PPF Market.

we launched REVOOTEK with aspirations to provide highest quality PPF at rates that are hard to beat ,REVOOTEK PPF produced by leading manufacturers of the world to ensure a high level of quality and reliability.

PPF will protect your car paint against environmental and mechanical damage. There will be no fading, no stone chips, and no damage to the paintwork caused by stone chip. Additionally, the film will only be damaged and can be replaced .

We Have Three Different Items Available.

Our PRE-CUT Software .

Our REVOOCUT pre-cut software makes paint protection film installation easier than before.
Our over 30,000 pre-cut patterns for every relief cut and sensor aperture, eliminating the need to hand-cut around vents and corners during bulk installations. In addition, our patterns are expertly designed to fit most components on the last film, giving you greater mileage while being green.
THE REVOOCUT pre-cut pattern database cuts installation time with its easy-to-use interface and compatibility with most conspirators.

Exactly What Is Paint
Protection Film.

Various terms are used to refer to paint protection film—paint protection film (abbreviated as "Gloss PPF" or "Mate PPF"). You may protect your car's paint from road debris, rocks, salt, oils, bugs, bird droppings, and even mag chloride with paint protection film, which is a glossy or Matte film that is wet applied to the paint. The self-healing properties of the film we use make it the ultimate plus. This means that scratches can be removed with exposure to light, heat.

Clear and PPF Matte offer durable paint protection for your daily commute. Clear and Matte protect your vehicle's paint from the elements, preserving its value.

Choose between high gloss and smooth matte finishes. PPF are viable options for long-term investment protection because each film has a 10-year limited warranty.

The Features of Our Paint Protection Films.

Superior Resistance

Exceptional Toughness, Capable of Providing Enhanced Protection for Your Automobile's Paint,

No Glue Left

It will save you money on installation costs. Ashland PSA, which has no glue left behind

Anti-Scratch Coating

Car paint can be protected against scratches caused by sharp objects by using an anti-scratch coating.

Hydrophobic coating

REVOOTEK PPF has a Hydrophobic coating, which makes cleaning easier

Excellent Coverage

Old cars may be made to look much newer by covering up the scratches

Total design freedom for everyone

How Do PPF Matte and Gloss Differ From One Another.

These two films are equally effective in terms of PPF protection.Gloss PPF creates a protective layer that is shiny and clear to the eye, preserving the paint for years to come. Without having to repaint, PPF Matte can mimic the look of your vehicle's factory matte paint or give a gloss finish with a more sophisticated satin sheen

Paint Protection Film Advantages

Paint protection film adds protection and value to your car. The appearance of your car can be altered by PPF as well. Covering your complete car in satin PPF will have the look and feel of a vinyl wrap and be fully sheltered from the elements.

Effective Protection Against Driveway .

Gloss and Matte PPF continually protect against rocks, insects, and road debris. As a result, these two films are ideal for full wraps or selectively protecting bumpers, fenders, mirrors, and the hood. In addition, PPF self-healing top layer repairs scratches quickly with engine heat or sunlight.


REVOOTEK serves several purposes. our paint protection film is unmatched. Clarity outshines the competition. Great designs. A plotter cuts each car's blueprints. Finally, REVOOTEK updates these templates to improve product quality.

REVOOTEK designs are unmatched. Clean shops increase installation quality and reduce contamination. In addition, we have the most experience and professional expertise in the industry. We've installed paint protection film from most major manufacturers over our years in business.

Product Guarantee.

backs it up with a 10-year warranty. This includes deterioration due to age or use, such as yellowing or fading. In addition, all installation-related problems are covered by our three-month warranty.

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The paint protection film (PPF) market exploded during the last years. Multiple companies are entering the arena, making it more and more difficult to benefit for those companies who helped this industry take off. Join the REVOOTEK Team and be part of one of the most next successful PPF stories.
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